split with prosperity denied


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released June 6, 2013



all rights reserved


SIX-SCORE Vienna, Austria

Formed in winter 2008 when three dudes decided that it would be the best to undercut the establishment by producing some earsplitting, mind-blasting and money-aristocracy-hating muSick.
Bookings/Merch: six-score@gmx.at

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Track Name: Glaubensfrage
Worin liegt der Sinn?
Was uns auf der Seele brennt
Wo sollen wir nur hin?
Um uns ist es schlecht bestellt

Die Glaubensfrage ist
Das was uns alle eint
Die Antwort darauf
Das was uns entzweit
Track Name: Everyday
Day after day
The mortal agony
This silence's dazing me
So many lives in misery

Day by day... Screwed
Day by day... Born to lose

Blindfolded and unaware
Led into the unknown
Blindfolded and unaware
The truth's kept hidden in the dark

Like a lamb to the slaughter
Not having a clue
The "corponations" (are) killing people
Don't deny it, it's the truth
Togehter we are strong
We can destroy what's in our way
If we don't work against the system
It will continue every day
Track Name: Regrets
Orders given by the people in charge
Those people, they don't give a fuck about us..
Authority, where there is no competence
The product of social regess

Never thinking, never open, never minding
Never thinking, never open
Never thinking, always wanting, never open
Never thinking, nevermind

No intervention - No control

Undisputed reign of terror
Tears us down and blinds our sight

And when it's already too late,
and the damage's not to contervail
People start to grasp their fate
Servants of this putrid excess
No regets - Your regrets
Track Name: Human Beeing
For the past uncertainty prevails
For the future only death is intended
What's the point of life?
Should we exist?
Society does not provide individual equality
Thus, the human mass runs smoothly in the operation...

So that all follow the same instructions...
Humans became just a number in this system
Their duties prescribed by the organization of work...
Individuality doesn't and shouldn't exist in this world...
They do the same every day and their problem, is to exhibit to less material waste, to get more and they destroy with their greed the environment

So what is the reason for humanity's existance?
Track Name: Breeding Terror - guest vocals by Armin (AFGRUND, Distaste)
Blood and guilt mark the path
Doomed to whitness unspeakable wrath

Establishment of confusing structures
Welfare in the hands of greed
Nature desecrated, all food intoxicated
Economy replaces god, the plebs to fucking bleed
People fucking bleed!

The terror that you fear
A deamon, you enchanted
The terror that you fear
Is generated and self invented
Time to face the fact, the enemy among your lines
No chance to blame it on an axis of evil
Now live the selfmade hell

Als man schmerzlich sah
Was in Norwegen geschah
War jedem sonnenklar
Track Name: Illumination
Devastate their very thoughts
What the masterminds have taught
Fear and hate is what they brought

To see them win makes me sad
If they succed then we are all dead
Devastate their very thoughts
What the masterminds have taught
Fear and hate is what they brought

Annihilate, Inflitrate, Devastate, Illuminate

If you don't care - We're all doomed
Devastate them, inflitrate them
Devastate their very thoughts
What the masterminds have taught
Fear and hate is what they brought

To see them win makes me sad
If they succed then we're all fuckin' dead
Track Name: Promises
Promises, they don't mean a shit to you
All word's coming from your mouth, untrue!
Promises, a fat lot you care
Come on and tell me face 2 face if you dare!

Liar! - You never tell the truth

Honesty, it just don't mean a shit to you
All words coming from your mouth, untrue!
Promises, listen well you fuckin' snitch
Your concept of morals
Just won't make you rich!

Liar! - You never tell the truth
Track Name: Tunnelblick
Wenn die Dunkelheit kommt und dich berührt
Die Freiheit verbergt, von der sie sich nährt
Umzingelt, kaum ein Lichtblick vor Augen
Das kann einem, von Gedanken, Willen und
Verstand berauben

Gefangene Lebewesen in unserer Gesellschaft
Arbeitsmaschine egal ob Mensch ob Tier
Vergewaltigung all deren Rechte
Keine Rücksicht auf Gefühle
Nur das Resultat von Macht und Gier

Wenn nicht komplett geblendet, wenn nicht
bis zum Boden gedrückt
Öffnet all eure Augen und erkennt wer euch ins Gesicht spuckt

Wenn ein Lichtblick ist
Am Ende des Tunnels
Die Fesseln sich lockern
Es sich freier anfühlt
Der Verstand letztendlich zurück kommt
Dann er bemerkt es ist viel zu spät

Hass - Gewalt - Macht - Gier
Was geschieht hier?!
Angst - Armut - Leid - Verderben
In dem wir sterben!
Track Name: Bad Game
Live in a world - full of lies
See the ignorance in peoples eyes
Capitalism works if you are blind
The media blender your mind

This system keeps your mind low
The result of capitalism is hunger and ruth
It would not work without the poorness
Your existence isn't more worth than the proft you bring
Go on to the streets
Fight against this cruel system in which we live
The system plays with their lives
Like a bad game
Track Name: Destination
Class spezific genozide
The solution of our problems?!

A government of world destruction
Death increases their profits

Recruiting soldiers, under an oath of blood
And destrucion
Pulling the trigger, pushing the button!
Not thinking about, not careing about, just shifting the blame
If past or future, our destiny's still the same
Track Name: Falsch
Ein Kopf voll Gendanken
Voller innerlichen Schranken
Keine Einsicht vor Nichts und Keinem
Sich lieber unbewusst peinigen
Sich selbst so verachten
Realität glauben zu verstehen
Nur verschließen und verneinen
Gibt mir Grund zu schrein und zu weinen

Gerade Linien ziehen,
Korrekt und richtig Leben wollen
Nach Gerechtigkeit und Gleichwertigkeit streben
Doch alles nur vergebens

Sich selbst treu bleiben wollen
Zur eigenen Meinung stehen
Das alles bei Extremismus
Es wird mit der Zeit vergehen